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Krokhol Golfklubb, 30/08/2010

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Conditions and practical information
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The name of the tournament is Mandagscup, OBS kl 1730 frontnine, NB SHOTGUN.

The tournament is held at Krokhol Golfklubb on 30 August 2010 from 17:30 to 21:00.

Registration starts the 19 August 2010 at 16:00.
Registration deadline is on the 29 August 2010 at 18:00.

Tournament fee is 50 NOK per players.

The tournament is a individual tournament.

There will be played in 3 groups divided by handicap.
  • The group with the name "A" is to all players with handicap between 0.0 and 19.9.
  • The group with the name "B" is to all players with handicap between 20.0 and 29.9.
  • The group with the name "C" is to all players with handicap between 30.0 and 99.0.

The tournament is a closed tournament for members of Krokhol Golfklubb.

Max. number of players are 60.

The tournament has a waiting list sorted after "first come - first serve" principle.

The tournament has handicap limitations divided by gender.
  • For ladies then handicap not higher than 99.0.
  • For men then handicap not higher than 99.0.

1st round will be played 30 August 2010.

There will be played on the course Krokhol Golfklubb.

There will be played stableford with full phcp over 9 holes.

Playing with a maximum handicap allowance of 54.0.

There will be played from different tees used for gender.
  • All ladies must be played from red tee.
  • All men must be played from yellow tee.

With a tied result the positions are decided after lowest handicap, lowest playing handicap and draw.

Stine Torgersen
Per Frode Haugen

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