Norges Golfforbund  (Tournament list)

Norges Golfforbund, 15/09/2012


Conditions and practical information
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The name of the tournament is Nordea Pairs Norgesfinale (Moss & Rygge GK).

The tournament is held at Norges Golfforbund on 15 September 2012.

Registration starts the 22 March 2012 at 00:00.
Registration deadline is on the 15 September 2012 at 12:00.

Tournament fee is 0 NOK per players.

Greenfee is 0 NOK per players.

The tournament is a partner tournament.

Tournament is played in a single pair group.

Criteria for pair creation age.
  • Nr. 1 must be a players if age must be at least 13 year per 31/12/2012.
  • Nr. 2 must be a players if age must be at least 18 year per 31/12/2012.

The tournament is an invitational tournament.

1st round will be played 15 September 2012.

There will be played on the course Evje golfpark 2011.

There will be played four-ball stableford with 9/10 phcp over 18 holes.

Playing with a maximum handicap allowance of 36.0.

There will be played from different tees used for gender.
  • All ladies must be played from 49 tee.
  • All men must be played from 61 tee.

With a tied result the positions are decided after lowest playing handicap.

Alle lag som er kvalifisert til Norgesfinalen får invitasjon på e-post og må melde seg på innen fristen. Mer informasjon finnes på www.golfforbundet.no

Kontaktpersoner for Nordea Pairs Norgesfinale er:
NGF: Thore Wilhelmsen; nordeapairs@golfforbundet.no
Moss & Rygge GK, Turneringsleder: Åge Erichsen; aage@evjegolf.no

Generelle spørsmål kan stilles NGF på: nordeapairs@golfforbundet.no

NB! Shotgunstart lørdag 15/9 kl. 09.30.
Registrering i klubbhuset kl. 08.00 - 09.00.

Startliste (starthull) trekkes fredag 14/9.

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